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General Podiatry

Hard Thick and Fungal Toenails:

Our podiatrists can manage your toenail care year-round, with state-of-the-art equipment combined with years of experience.

Corns and Calluses:

Corns or Heloma Durum and calluses or Hyperkeratosis are formed as 'protection' over areas of unnatural pressure. These can be very painful, uncomfortable and unsightly, and can be a cause of infection. We are able to remove calluses and corns during regular podiatric care, and provide advice on how to prevent the reoccurrence of corns and calluses.


Often mistaken for a corn, even by the most experienced doctor, our podiatrists have the skills and equipment to accurately diagnose and treat Verrucae Pedis or plantar warts caused by a virus (HPV) which is often found in public pools, bathrooms, flora/fauna in the garden, and sea shells on the beach.

Unsure ?

If you have concerns about your feet and aren't sure which of our services you require, request a General Podiatry appointment and our team can assist you in booking the right appointment for your needs.

Foot Pain:

Foot pain can be due to a number of factors, ranging from osteo-arthritis through to gout. Our podiatrists are experienced at finding solutions to improve foot pain by identifying and treating the cause of the problems. We have the knowledge and skills to offer advice and care for acute pain relief for symptomatic pain associated with all foot conditions.

For up to date information on common foot and ankle conditions we recommend the following website.


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