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Orthotics and Insoles

Orthotics are functional, custom-made, foot insoles, individually made to fit your foot. They help to control abnormal motion in the hip, knee, ankle and foot, helping to align the body correctly, and improve muscle function, so you get the most out of your movement. The use of orthotics is well documented to reduce heel pain, prevent bunions, and decrease lower back and joint pressure.

Using our highly accurate and efficient Paromed 3D laser foot scanning technology, your podiatrist is able to scan your feet and prescribe fully customized functional orthotics to aid in the reduction of pain and create a more efficient gait. No more wasted time or mess from a plaster cast impression of the foot. Your new orthotics will be designed onsite by your podiatrist specifically for your needs. This allows us to create some of the best foot orthotics in the world rather than other orthotics which may be designed by a third-party.

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