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Tool Assisted Massage

We provide in clinic Tool Assisted Massage (TAM) therapy which may be used in conjunction with alternative treatments such as orthotic therapy, Foot Mobilization and Manipulation (FMT) and exercises prescription. Typically your podiatrist will require a course of treatment spread across multiple weeks, depending on the individual needs of the patient.

Tool Assisted Massage allows for greater function of our soft tissue structures in the lower limb, enabling us to walk, run and go about our daily lives as efficiently as possible.  The primary goal of Tool Assisted Massage is to work on the fascia, connective tissue beneath the skin which surrounds muscles and other internal organs within our body. Facial restrictions can be released by Tool Assisted Massage allowing the fascia to slip and slide efficiently over our muscles rather than “seizing up” and restricting efficient motion. Benefits such as re-hydration and increased blood flow can also be seen to aid in healing and fascial health when Tool Assisted Massage is incorporated into a patient’s treatment.

This form of treatment can be helpful in the management of conditions such as plantar heel pain/plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathies, shin splints, hamstring injuries and even toe deformities and bunions. Ask your podiatrist today if Tool Assisted Massage would be appropriate for you.

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